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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Angel Codes, book three of AngelFire Chronicles

What does ANGELS CODES, the last installment of the AngelFire Chronicles have in store?
Well, I am 1/3 of the way done with this new novel which will be the forth in this series. I think my fans will enjoy reuniting with Kian and getting into his head, as this last installment is told in two points of views- Ali's and Kians.

I did this because Kian spends most of his time in the cell his demon sister locked him into and I want the reader to be privy to his experiences, but this also allows the reader to get a deeper sense of who he is since most of the series has focused on Ali and her relationship to Kian through her eyes.

I think my readers will appreciate the double POV as well as the struggles both Kian and Ali face as they try to free themselves from the underworld of demons, but I think everyone will be surprised as to how this novel ends.

There may be another novella 3.5 added to this collection entitled Sergio's Sercets. Will see. You will have to read this to find out more about Sergio.

Until next time, follow me here and find out more about my series at Amazon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review of She Speaks to Angels

She Speaks to Angels

AngelFire Chronicles, #1

She Speaks to Angels is most assuredly not what I expected. What I expected was a somewhat lighthearted, upbeat, young adult novel about a young girl who can speak to angels. What I found was a beautiful novel that, although it is quite dark in many spots, tells the story of a young girl who is torn between the powers of good and evil and trying to protect her heart and those she cares about. The characters are charming, and I found Ali and her friends easily relatable. I am quite eager to read the next novella in the series, Dumah’s Demons, and the next full novel, Falling Angels, to see where the saga of Ali takes her. She Speaks to Angels is a novel that I believe will appeal to readers of all ages, and rightly so.

Ali Maney is a typical high school teenager. Nothing special ever happens to her. As a student at Millennium High in Manhattan, sure, a few weird things have happened, a few suicides over the years, but nothing really bizarre. Until one day, in English class, when a hugely popular football player, Tommy, suddenly pitches himself off the roof to his death. Ali and her two best friends, Molly and Jen, are positive that Tommy's death was not intentional. As they investigate, the bad boy in town starts to notice Ali. Daemon is gorgeous! Ali is shocked, but amazed. What could he want with her? As she ponders this, three new students arrive. Kian, Krysta, and Nathaniel all seem to have something…..different about them. Ali is floored when Kian appears more than interested in her too. What is she to do with two gorgeous guys after her? But not everything is as it seems. As Ali gets closer to each Daemon and Kian, the forces of the supernatural will come closer as well. One has been sent to protect, one has been sent to kill. Can Ali be saved? Or is she in way over her pretty little head?

Review of Falling Angels from Night Owl Reviews

Falling Angels

AngelFire Chronicles, #2

Falling Angels is the second book in the outstanding Angelfire series by Ami Blackwelder. As with the first book, I was immediately drawn in to the story, as it is extremely engaging and interesting. I did find it somewhat fast paced, but not confusing at all, so it was easy to follow. The characters from the previous novel She Speaks to Angels did come back, and they were deeper and more adult than the first book, which follows the storyline of a deep and dangerous conflict perfectly. I would recommend reading in order to get the full benefit of the story told in order. As a lover of angels, this book was a perfect read for me, as it would be for others as well.

Ali Maney’s world has turned upside down. Now that she is a human turned angel (known as Angelfire), Daemon and Dumah, Kian’s sister, both Dark Angels, want nothing more than Ali’s death. Dumah and Daemon are trying to build an army, and Ali’s death would not only help them, but would destroy Kian and the other Angels as well. And now her friends and family have been drawn into the angel war too! Kian is devastated by his sister’s desertion, and turns all of his attentions to Ali and her training. All she wanted was a normal high school experience. Ali never wanted to be this extraordinary being who held the fate of the world in her hands. Ali is not sure that she can stop the Dark Angels, or that her powers will be enough. Kian knows that they have to be. Can Ali and her powers save them all? Or will she fall, and all be lost?



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