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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FREE Books for Fall and Winter!

Are you looking for some free books to get you through the fall and winter? Well, cozy up next to a fire with a cup of tea or just enjoy the fresh autumn breeze outside with any of Ami Blackwelder's books which she will be offering for free at various times these next three months.

MIDNIGHT, ZOMBIE HOUSEWIVES, and THE SHIFTERS will all be made available for FREE in OCTOBER on library thing, book likes and goodreads as well as given to those who have joined her newsletter. Look on her Facebook AMI's BOOK PAGE and Twitter (Ami Blackwelder) as well to find more contests and giveaways.

In NOVEMBER, Ami will be offering MERS and THE GATE OF LAKE FOREST for free on those various sites.

In DECEMBER, Ami will be giving away SHE SPEAKS TO ANGELS and THE DAY THE FLOWERS DIED at those various sites.

So, if you love free books, then keep your eyes open!

JANUARY 2015 she may be releasing a new 3 book series entitled EXOTIQA, so look out!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Angel Codes FREE March 20th and 21nd on Kindle!


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